We have held workshops internationally, training all walks of life from beginners to advanced athletes, crossfitters, martial artists, pole fitters, gymnasts, sports athletes, personal trainers and coaches.

Our Masterclass includes:

20 page training manual full of knowledge and secrets towards mastering your body
0ver 100 exercises and progressions towards the advanced calisthenics moves including the strict muscle up, planche, handstand and more.
Dedicated tuition and attention for all your questions, plus a goody bag full of useful items to start your journey
– Our masterclass is accredited by the UK, EU and US fitness industry – Personal trainers earn 5 CPD points from REPs and a certificate to teach

Other workshops we offer include intensives for specific skills such as Handstand, Muscle-up, Olympic Rings/Suspension, Mobility and Yoga Form… contact us to discuss your group’s requirements


REPs Certificated Calisthenics Masterclass – MIDLANDS (all levels)

Sunday 20th May 2018, 13:00-17:00

East Coast Calisthenics, Lincolnshire NG34 0QP

Modules covered: Push and Pull variations, Handstand, Muscle Up, Front and Back Levers, Planche

Registration: £245 (includes goody bag, training manual, resources and certification)

Shoulder Conditioning and Handstand Progression (all levels)

Saturday 26th May 2018, 12:00-15:00

Drehmoment Pole, Berlin, 12277, Germany

Release, Mobilisation, Strength and Conditioning, Handstand progressions

Registration: €79 per person

The course was an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, meet new amazing people who share the same passion and gain a REPs qualification to teach progressions of bodyweight and calisthenics exercises, what could be better? I can’t recommend this course enough.
Henry Johnson, Personal Trainer


  • Introductions and demonstration :-

    the secrets of strict form strength

  • Warm-up :-

    specific movements to mobilise the entire body for improved performance

  • The Handstand :-

    learn how to get pencil straight and still

  • The Muscle up :-

    get the secrets behind a full power strict muscle up

  • The Art of Pulling :-

    including the famous one-arm pull up

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  • Advanced Planks and the Planche :-

    the biomechanics of straight line strength

  • The Art of Pushing :-

    power and control on the floor and suspended

  • Back and Front Levers :-

    your guide to levitating

  • Leg Strength and Control :-

    power, range and collecting your mass

  • Stretch down

  • Q&A session and connecting

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