We hold live workshops and certifications in a variety of areas including rehabilitation, mobility, yoga, calisthenics, gymnastics and sport-specific strength and conditioning. We are based in the UK and teach internationally, coaching people from all walks of life including beginners to world-class and Olympic athletes, as well as providing accredited certifications for personal trainers and therapists wanting to further their range of coaching skills.



– The BodyweightGurus System™
– History and origins of modern Calisthenics
– Using training tools and equipment (Olympic Rings, Bars, Paralettes)
– Biomechanics, physics and principles of calisthenics training
– Foundations for coaching; pulling, pushing, compressing and expanding
– Mobility, biomechanics and progressions for Handstand
– Mobility, biomechanics and progressions for Muscle-up
– Mobility, biomechanics and progressions for Levers (inc. front/back/flags)
– Mobility, biomechanics and progressions for Planche
– Coach positioning, cues, spotting skills
– Programming classes and 1-2-1 coaching

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Time/Location: 10:00 – 17:00, Steel Warriors Calisthenics Park, London, SE5 9AW

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Registration fee: £269pp





– The BodyweightGurus System™
– Concepts, anatomy, theory and journal research on connective tissue and the nervous system
– Assessing clients for joint and tissue biomechanics, recording results and making inferences across the entire body
– Theory and techniques of trigger-point release and manual therapy, covering the entire body
– Theory and techniques of joint rehabilitation, including tissue activations, joint and nerve gliding, mobility articulation
– Theory and techniques for improving mobility, range and performance including FRC, MET, PNF and more
– Theory and techniques of strength conditioning and reintegration
– Programming for rehabilitation, performance and prevention
– Identifying, diagnosing and programming for common postural and joint dysfunctions

Registration fee: £495pp