At the Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Show I met the wonderful team at Backrack.

This tool immediately caught my eye due to it’s beautiful engineering and design…

What I really like about this is that it has been designed in such a way that when you lay on it (supine), the rack suspends your spine in the channel against gravity – different to a foam roller or hard surface due to the fact that it suspends the vertebrae in the gaps while the spinal muscles are given pressure from the nodules, essentially allowing it to lengthen. This immediately helps to screen where the majority of tightness is and begin rehabilitation. Further, it decompresses the whole spine and neck therefore treating and preventing a whole range of back pain and associated symptoms.

The inventor, (Mr. B.M. Luklinski) is an expert in spinal rehabilitation with over 40 years of clinical experience. Now we don’t need to overdiscuss the benefits of spinal health, but here’s a few just to establish why it is so, so important:

  • Assists good posture, good posture = better weight distribution
  • Large role in ensuring correct form during loaded and bodyweight movement patterns
  • Injury or tightness in the spine will spread across the whole body
  • Supports better CNS function (control and signalling), as well as longevity of health

The Backrack comes with an operating manual full of effective exercises at different levels. That being said, after learning the technical safety it is very easy for a fitness professional to use with their client. My first experiences with it have been excellent – it quickly highlights the problem areas and after a few minutes symptoms of tightness already desisted. I will be using this regularly to help recover from my workouts, as my core, hips and spine are integral to the way I train!

The rack is suitable for anyone really which makes it such a great tool for assessing, fixing and maintaining spinal health – however it should not be used if you are pregnant, have a vertebral fracture, severe scoliosis, or any spinal disease/infection. It comes in two sizes based on the natural curve of the spine in people of different heights.

You can get your own here , and we managed to get a 10% discount for you guys so use the code BWGURUS10 to redeem that!