From the start impressed with the professionality of the structure. Honestly I just saw the advert for 5 hour workshop and thought wow that’s expensive and long! And I was really curious to see how you would run it and give that money’s worth. And you did. Very fast response to my messages, the full explanation email with 20 page manual = amazing. And on the day the flow through all moves was wicked, loved how you had it all written down and planned out. Appreciated the “drop the ego” vibe with your teaching, and the resistance bands knowledge really helped.

Felix Price, Surrey

The course was an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, meet new amazing people who share the same passion and gain a REPs qualification to teach progressions of bodyweight and calisthenics exercises, what could be better? I can’t recommend this course enough.

Henry Johnson, Personal Trainer, London

I seriously recommend this course to any fitness professional or beginner wanting to get into calisthenics. The instructors cover every aspect and leave no stone unturned. Not only will this improve my own training but it will help me with clients wanting to train bodywieght. The course was very professional but fun at the same time. Thanks guys, keep inspiring…

Steve Schofield, Barmob Trainer, Brighton

The workshop was well structured, included appropriate content and was delivered excellently by two of the UK’s top bar athletes!

Darren Onyejekwe, Personal Trainer, London

If you want to really understand how your body works and how to push it to new limits this is the class for you. Great instructors who lead by example and an all round fun session. Three days on and I’m still aching in places I didn’t know I had muscles!

Sean Mitchell, London

The course was an in depth intake on the main aspects of strength in calisthenics, each exercise and the progressions were discussed in great detail, allowing full understanding of its mechanics. Anyone interested in learning or teaching calisthenics should definitely give the worship a try!

Callum Keen, London

Really enjoyed the course, found the whole day enjoyable and informative, the breakdown of every progression helped me understand the movement of each exercise in more detail. Looking forward to take my training to the next level.

Elliot Moger, London

The workshop was great – I learnt so much more about how to manage my body and will definately be putting more emphasis on this in my own training and when I teach my clients

Kyle Gillingham, Personal Trainer, Kent

The workshop was very helpful and widened my knowledge of calisthenics, especially learning all the regressions, progressions and biomechanics behind it all. Great workshop, great teacher.

Aaron Pursey, Personal Trainer, London