The Handstand is one of the most important skills, and potentially the most important.

To be able to hold a perfectly straight handstand, it is essential to be able to hold the spine and hips straight using subtle adjustment of stabilising muscles, whilst upside down with the arms above the head.

Many people can’t even stand on their feet with neutral alignment, let alone on their hands. For this reason, handstands (and planks) are a brilliant way of training the #posture.

To hold a straight and clean handstand you need to be able to:
– equally distribute your weight onto both shoulders
– keep the hips neutral by using pelvic tilts to correct their position
– elongate the spine while upside down, keeping it straight
– squeeze the leg muscles and core
– plus some other minor technicals

Once you have learnt the above in a handstand, you will have inadvertently learnt how to turn on at will the correct muscles in your body to stand on your feet with good posture, as well as being more conscious about your general alignment.
This is one of the lessons that a handstand teaches us – and if one takes that knowledge and applies it to all other movements, they will begin to more finely understand what good form actually is and what it isn’t.

Another lesson is learning to live between holding on and letting go… #bodyweightgurus