We offer Group classes in yoga, calisthenics and martial arts around the UK, taught by our specialised, experienced and industry qualified coaches.

We run these in-house at a variety of gyms, centres, corporate workplaces and studios. For information on current class locations and times please contact us


Whether you want to hold a regular lunchtime yoga class for your business or a one-off workshop for team building, we can arrange something that will help you and your colleagues to refresh, stretch and wake up your body from the aches and pains of working in jobs with less movement involved.

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or postural/back related problems occur in 80-90% of the population in the West, due to our more advanced and sedentary lifestyles. We can reinvigorate our bodies and minds regularly using techniques of yoga and core/body strength to improve mental and physical performance in any area.

To have a chat about setting something up at your business, please contact us