The Chair is the most debilitating invention for the human body

And that is why you should #Squat every day. Sitting for prolonged periods is devastating to our health. The human ...
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Stability Training with Unstable Canes

I always find great interest in making things harder on purpose. It gives your base level of skill much more ...
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Spinal Health – Assessment and Treatment with the Backrack™

At the Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Show I met the wonderful team at Backrack. This tool immediately caught my ...
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Best Foam Roller to Use?

At the Elite Sports Rehabilitation and Performance show this year at the London Excel, I got to see a few ...
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Handstand: The most important skill?

The Handstand is one of the most important skills, and potentially the most important. To be able to hold a ...
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Pointy Toes vs Flat Feet

If you are into bodyweight training, you would probably have noticed that there is a fair amount of discussion around toe ...
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Don’t hibernate, come alive this winter!

Chances are if you live in the northern hemisphere you will have already felt like an ice cube at least ...
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Fitness First “Urban Workout” launch with BodyweightGurus

So over the last few weeks we've had an absolutely awesome time working with the Fitness First gym in Brixton, ...
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How to warm up effectively for a Calisthenics/Bodyweight workout

Hey Guys! First video of the blog and we're starting with how to warm up effectively... So many people underestimate ...
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