“I’ve progressed so much since taking a workshop and some personal training with these guys – as a big guy myself, I could lift heavy but I couldn’t move my own bodyweight properly, I could barely do a pull up. Now I can do 3 muscle ups (still working on cleaning it up) and I’ve almost got my front lever! Thank you for all the help and knowledge I highly recommend it to everyone.” David Gregory, Personal Trainer

Our mission is to up-skill and educate the health and fitness industry into providing more holistic and insightful programming for the general population and athletes. We do this through qualifying fitness professionals and manual therapists with industry-accredited certifications, to teach our systems of Biomechanics, Calisthenics, Mobility, Rehabilitation and Yoga.

For you as an individual, our aim is to help you create a better connection with your own body, alongside the benefits of added strength, coordination, control and balance. We teach a variety of techniques and movements taken from sport science and bodyweight arts from all over the world, to give you a well rounded foundation towards mastering your body.

Using a mixture of ancient and modern techniques we will teach you how to care for, mobilise and strengthen your body holistically as a unit – whether aiming to improve your ability to power lift, keep possession of a ball, developing your punching/kicking power, perfecting your balance or simply just to get healthier, we combine training systems to give you the results you want.

We rehabilitate the body through Physiotherapy techniques, we mobilise the body through sport science, Yoga and stretching, then we move into strength and conditioning through Calisthenics, Martial Arts and other skill patterns.

The benefits of movement and mobility training include:

  • Greater range and stability of joints (e.g. wrist/shoulder) and protection of the spine (better posture, less injuries)
  • Enhanced skill, efficiency and thus performance in everything from day to day activities to sports
  • Increased balance in body and mind, plus heightened awareness of self/external
  • Dramatically increased coordination, stamina, strength and ability

Examples of how we help people already involved in other training methods


  • Better control at the shoulders, wrists and hips when power lifting
  • Protection of the spine with greatly enhanced core strength
  • Gain the strength to complete gymnastic elements with control not momentum


  • Improved balance for inversions and partner based work
  • Enhanced core, shoulder and wrist strength for isometric holds
  • Better core control during transitions and interchanges between moves

Pole Fitness/Dance

  • Rotation power for tighter, faster spins and turns
  • Enhanced core, shoulder and wrist strength for body balancing and freezes
  • Better core control during transitions and interchanges between moves

Mixed Martial Arts

  • Greatly enhanced hip rotation speed and power
  • More power for striking and grappling
  • Unified and coordinated movement throughout the body