Stability Training with Unstable Canes

I always find great interest in making things harder on purpose. It gives your base level of skill much more permanence if you don’t settle for the general standard.

I recently purchased these spring-based unstable canes from Russia with Love – my friend Artem Morozov, who makes them to order at Calisthenics Tools produces these awesome canes and more. As soon as I saw them I wanted to try them out as I could immediately see the potential benefits.

As soon as I opened them they were so easy to assemble – you literally just insert the pieces together. Easy to pack and carry and a decent weight.

On first attempt, these were almost impossible to balance on – however with a bit of patience you soon start to understand how to apply pressure evenly through the hands and palms, using the wrist flexors/extensors, elbows and shoulders as you move into harder positions. I started with push ups and planks to feel them out, eventually moving on to suspending myself. The burn on the stabilising muscles is intense – a simple plank will make you sweat on this!

Initially I could not hold a Handstand on them but after a couple sessions on them I got the hang of it and they have definately improved my standard Handstand within a short time – I can feel much more stability going into it than before due to the sheer difficulty of trying to learn one on here.

After progressing on them for a while, I started to get comfortable and play around, doing L-sits, Planches and Pistol Squats.

I have to say out of all the equipment I have used to train, alongside Olympic Rings these are definately the hardest to use. They seem to be the most beneficial for securing strong form and technique and in a very short time results are felt. A beautiful piece of engineering and design.

I wouldn’t recommend these for beginners as there are a lot of unplanned movements and falls that occur and if you can’t control yourself out of these falls you may hurt yourself or worse still get an injury. I would therefore recommend them for intermediate athletes or above, who have already achieved a 10-20 second handstand on the floor with decent form.

They are available in standard or premium woods – if you want to get hold of your own pair, contact Artem through his Facebook page or Instagram page … Quote BWGURUS10 for 10% off!

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